Before I was your mother, I was Daddy’s wife

Dear Little Love (#1),

During your first year of life, I learned an important lesson about being your Mommy.  That lesson is that I need to work harder to love Daddy than to love you.  There is no doubt in my mind since the minute you were born that I will always love you.  I knew that the moment the nurses placed you on my chest.

Even though we are one family, Mommy and Daddy are joined together by a covenant before God, while you and Mommy are joined together through a natural, miraculous birth.  That means I will always be your Mommy, but I always need to honor the promise I made to be Daddy’s wife and to love him with all my being.  One thing I want you to know and remember is that before I was your mother, I was Daddy’s wife.

To be honest, it is sometimes easier to love you.  It is very easy for me to make sacrifices so that you can live a wonderful, comfortable life.  But there have been times when I put your comfort above Daddy’s needs, and I had to confess that my priorities needed to change.

I am convinced that more than a life of comfort, protection, new experiences, growth, and success, you need the foundation of a secure home, which begins with the way I exemplify my love for Daddy.  I believe if I honor my marital covenant faithfully, you will understand God’s love for you more deeply.  I believe if I love Daddy and put his needs first, you will naturally feel loved by us.  Ultimately, I have learned that one of the greatest gifts I can tangibly give you is the gift of a loving, united marriage.

Remember…our family started the day Mommy and Daddy got married and made holy vows to be husband and wife.  This is something I want you to know about Mommy.


[ written July 2015 ]


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