Big sister, you are

Big sister, you are
And my first playmate too
From my first day out
Of mom’s warm, snuggly womb.

Throughout each day
Your voice I hear
Comforting me, encouraging me
And singing so I know that you’re near

Pats on the head
And kisses so sweet
You always remember
To save me a seat

When we go out
A special toy you will find
To place on my lap
Because you are so thoughtful and kind!

Making sure my needs are met
Is what you do best
You’re always the first responder
To get help when I make a mess

Sometime I wake
And whine urgently for mom
But I find you in my crib next to me
Rubbing my belly, keeping me calm

Holding my stroller
When we go out
“This is my sister!”
You’ll proudly shout

My protector you are
My protector you’ll be
You will bark at strangers
To keep them away from me

I never have to worry
Of being alone
For our intimate companionship
Is all I’ve ever known

If only I can thank you now
If only I could
Because this gift called sisterhood
Has been so very good

One day when I’m older
Soon enough, indeed
I hope to be the best sister and friend
That you’ve always been to me

Big sister, you are
Big sister and friend
Side by side, hand in hand
Our sisterhood will never end


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