Debunking Common Myths about Pregnancy and Birth

[ Written on July 7, 2016 ]
After the birth of our second daughter, I have even more reason to believe that God has given women the ability to birth babies naturally and smoothly, even to disprove beliefs and medical opinions about birth.
  1. Myth: Women who experience heartburn might indicate that the baby will have hair when they are born. I experienced heartburn with pregnancy #1, but not pregnancy #2. Low and behold, Eve was born not only with full, black hair, but her hair was even longer than Abby’s.
  2. Myth: Baby boys are sharp-shaped in the womb, while baby girls are wider. Everyone said I carried baby like a boy. Baby Eve was all belly! When I was full term, it looked like someone put a basketball under my shirt. Surely, baby girls can look sharp in the womb too!
  3. Myth: Heavier babies can cause the water to break early or induce labor before the baby’s due date. Eve was born 4 days after her due date, which is a whole week after Abby’s gestational age. Remember, she was 25% heavier than Abby!
  4. Myth: A bigger baby may not fit through a small pelvis and can lead to possible c-section. When all the nurses saw Eve, they commented that she was a big baby (and she was…over 8 lbs!). Then they saw my hip size, and were surprised that I pushed her out without complications or any medical intervention. My OB also commented that Eve’s head was perfectly rounded, not cone-shaped.
  5. Myth: An episiotomy is needed to birth a big baby. Not only did Eve come out naturally in 2.5 contractions, but I only had a first degree tear; no episiotomy. With Abby, I had a second degree tear, no episiotomy. Remember, Eve was 25% heavier than Abby!
  6. Myth: A bigger baby would take longer to push out. I only pushed 2.5 times to birth Eve (about 15 minutes), compared to Abby (30 minutes). Remember, Eve was 25% heavier than Abby!
  7. Myth: Women need help or medical intervention to give birth. Both of my births were natural and unmedicated. Though it was the most intense physical force I’ve experienced, all the pain was over once baby was placed on my chest, and then oxytocin hormones kicked in for the next two weeks. Recovery was smooth.
  8. Myth: Birth is something women should fear. Birth has been the most amazing, natural, and miraculous experience I have ever participated in.

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