Why I Take Joy in the Silence of Folding the Laundry

“My hands are full, but so is my heart.”

Until you become a parent, the word “busy” only means that you didn’t understand your limits, and you allowed more responsibilities and commitments to enter your life than you probably should have.

Like anyone else, I’ve always been busy.  To add to my busyness, I spent unnecessary time consumed with media after work because at the time, it served as my mode of “de-stressing.”

Now, as a stay at home mom of two young kids, I am busy – the kind of busy where we say NO to most social outings after our kids’ bedtime, and the kind of busy where checking off ONE thing off my to do list other than provide for my children’s needs within the day is considered a bonus.

My two daughters are at a stage where one is two and a half – always active (but still needs physical assistance), and the other is eight months old – not quiet crawling.  So during the day, my hands are always full simply caring for their physical needs.  Picture holding a baby in one hand, while using the other hand to assist the older, and using my foot as a third arm to push things around or pick things up…and doing this all day long until your husband comes home to relieve you. Never in my life did I have so little time to meet my own personal needs, much less the needs of the home.

With two kids in different stages, managing their schedules and their interests is never mastered, so they are rarely ever both napping.  All moms know that when all the kids under your roof are asleep, you are finally granted the freedom to do whatever you want with two hands and with no interruptions.  All moms know that this kind of luxury is very rare because one child is always awake.

I have learned to do many things around the house one-handed, in short two-minute increments, with constant interruptions, with bodily fluids not quiet dried on my clothes, while listening to toddler whining.

Doing the laundry.  For some, it is a daily menial task, but for me, it has come to mean so much more.

So why do I take joy in the silence of folding the laundry?
Because it means that…
-both of my girls are either both napping or are independently preoccupied
-there is some peace and quiet
-I have two free hands
-I have uninterrupted time to complete a necessary task
-I get a chance to do something with my hands other than hold a baby, wipe spills, or clean a mess
-my husband’s drawers can be restocked with clean clothes
-my husband doesn’t have to worry about the load when he comes home from work
-my husband can spend more time with our daughters because he doesn’t have to fold the laundry
-it is an act of service to my family that is pleasing to God


2 thoughts on “Why I Take Joy in the Silence of Folding the Laundry

  1. I’ve been learning a lot about busyness! I just finished reading Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung, and there was a chapter on being a parent that your post definitely reminds me of. Thanks for giving me a glimpse into the parenting world. As a husband, I definitely appreciate the things my wife does to help around the house!

    I’m excited to read more from this blog. I subscribed via RSS. Always loved the name breadplease. Would love to read some stories about growing up at FCBCLA, being a wife and mother, and your art!


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