A Poem of Thanks

[This poem illustrates the legacy of faith passed on to us by the pastor who married us, also a good friend, and brother in Christ]

Time has passed
Many years in fact
Now when we see our family
We see the fruit of your ministry

For God has used your ears
To listen with understanding and hear
The deeper underlying roots
Of our not so godly attributes
To bring them to the Light
So that we might have motivation to fight
For Self was in the way
And our greatest need was to pray
To be humble before a holy God
In order to see our Self, sinful and flawed

God has also used your lips
To speak very clearly that relationships
Ultimately reflect the Trinity
Working in unison and in harmony
And that two sinners pursuing holiness
Together through Christ-centeredness
Can ground their marriage foundation
Upon the Word’s Spirit-filled manifestation
Between a man and his wife He ordained
This holy union God created and sustained

God has used your wise instruction
To bring us from deep conflict to resolution
To convict us from our self-righteous tendency
So that on the Spirit may we put all our dependency
We have learned that unforgiveness creates an obstacle
But God’s grace through us makes it possible
To forgive one another for the unholy acts we’ve committed
Because in Christ our wrongdoing is acquitted
So to each other we mend the bond that was broken
As we obey the word of God that was spoken

God has used you as a model of godly living
As a Christ-follower, servant of God, and child of the King
And in your role as a husband and a father of three
We look up to your example, which you’ve displayed gracefully
In our short years of knowing you
We have gained insights that we keep looking back to
Now seven years and two kids later
Our capacity to love each other is even greater
We have God to thank for giving us the privilege and honor
To be shepherded by you, pastor, good friend, and brother

Time has passed
Many years in fact
Though we may be apart
You still hold a special place in our hearts




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